As Bayındır Healthcare Group, in order to protect our patients, their families and our healthcare workers for the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak that threatens the whole world and our country, numerous measures have been taken from the first moment the disease begins and will continue  to be taken dynamically in the following period.

Studies and comprehensive planning are carried out within the scope of the World Health Organization and Republic Of Turkey Ministry of Health's statements, practices and procedures, Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee opinions, "COVID-19 (SARS-CoV2) Infection Guide", Decisions of our Infection Control and Prevention Committee, Quality standards Republic Of Turkey Ministry of Health, Joint Commission International "Prevention and Control of Infections" criteria and experience and the knowledge of our esteemed infectious specialist doctors.

Regarding the Coronavirus outbreak, “Contagious Diseases”  Action Plan included in the Emergency Action Plans were updated and new action plans have been created.

These measures are aimed at our patients who apply to our Hospitals, Medical Center and Dental Clinics and those continuing  their  treatments, to receive reliable health care without adverse conditions and for patient safety.

Creating Community Awareness
Information compiled by the Department of Infectious Diseases and other clinics related to COVID-19 to inform our patients and the public is published on our website and updated according to the information that has changed its content. The press bulletins related to the disease are shared on multiple channels. Patient information videos are shared on our digital channels. In this process, information meetings were held in some contracted institutions by our Infectious Diseases Specialist physicians.

Education Of Healthcare Workers
Doctors, nurses, assistant medical staff and all healthcare workers who are experienced in the prevention and control of infections and share the corporate culture of Bayındır Healthcare Group, were informed through seminars, written and visual posts, including on-the-job training on Coronavirus infection - COVID-19 disease, infection protection measures and personal protection, distinguish the patients with suspected or definitive diagnose of COVID-19 and other patients and  patient management. In this process, necessary preparations were made within the scope of continuing services without any disruption and patient safety.

Separation Of Application And Treatment Areas
Separate infection polyclinics,waiting areas, inpatient floor and intensive care service with medical teams working only in these areas have been planned for only patients with suspected or definitive diagnose of COVID-19  in order to prevent our other patients from sharing the same environment with suspected or definitive COVID-19 patients and their relatives. Thus, our patients are ensured to receive service safely during their time in our hospitals.

Main Entrances Of Our Hospitals
For the separation of potentially infected patients from other patients and for the safety of all our patients, staff and guests, temperature screening and symptom questioning of everyone, including healthcare workers, are carried out at hospital entrances and hand disinfection is provided.

Patient Visiting Hours
Patient visiting hours are arranged as 19.00-21.00 on weekdays and 15.00-18.00 on weekends. Visitors are not allowed in the intensive care unit. The inpatient companionship is limited to a fixed person. Inpatients will be allowed only one fixed accompanying adult.

Creating Social Distance, Reducing the Risk of Infection
Arrangements have been made in the areas to maintain at least 1 meter distance between our patients and our employees.  Newspapers and magazines in common areas have been removed.

Reducing The Density Of Patients
In order to establish the social distance and to protect against possible transmissions, the polyclinic numbers were reduced and shift work patterns were switched. Patient follow-ups have been postponed to advanced dates, except in emergencies and priority situations. After the physical examinations of our patients in our hospitals, assessments of the results are started to be carried out over the phone

Communication Line For Patients Over 65 Years Of Age
Patients over 65 years old who are being followed up in our hospital are provided with remote support services regarding their current diseases without coming to our health institutions. Telephone appointments are arranged and interviews with their physicians are provided. Disruptions in the treatment of our elders in the risk group have been prevented.

Services to Our Patients Abroad
The acceptance of our patients from abroad has been postponed until the end of the process. During this period, the admission of patients is made in accordance with the 14-day isolation period rule from the date of entry into the country for mandatory treatments.

Dental Treatment Services
Considering the spray effect of the rotary dental instruments (aerators), which take an active role in almost all dental treatments, in terms of contamination, patient acceptance in our dental clinics has been postponed to a later date, except for painful and emergency cases.

Maintaining Services Without Disruption
Preliminary preparations have been made for medical supplies and devices, which are thought to increase in consumption due to density or disruptions in the supply chains.

The Cleaning of General Areas
In our hospitals and annex buildings, detailed cleaning frequency has been increased in all areas (including kitchen, dining hall, cafeteria), disinfection in related areas has been maintained and additional hand sanitizers have been placed in many areas.

High-contact areas such as toilets and high-touch surfaces such as door handles, stair handrails, handles of hand disinfectants are constantly cleaned with disinfectants during the day.

The frequency of elevator cleaning has been increased and started to be done every half an hour.

Air Disinfection
Polyclinic corridors, waiting areas, cafeteria and many areas are ventilated with maintaining air hygiene.

With its high concentration of hypochlorous solution, air disinfection has started to be done with a fogging machine in the crowded spaces such as polyclinic and café areas.

Disinfection of the fan-coil devices used for heating and cooling of the areas in our facilities is carried out with hypochlorous.

Almost all of the air handling units used in our hospitals are 100% fresh air centrals. The mixed air centrals have started to be operated as fresh air centrals. Filters are changed regularly in air conditioning centrals.

Health of Our Employees
The health of our staff working with dedication in order to provide you with the best service and their families are also very important to us. It has been made plans for infection control such as providing and using personal protective equipment, overseas travel restriction, pregnant and immune system suppressed, allowing cancer patients, shift ing estuary of all medical personnel, including our physicians, nurses, patient consultants.

Important plans have been implemented in terms of infection control, such as the providing and using personal protective equipment, restricting overseas travel, enabling the pregnant staff and immune system suppressed, cancer patients to take time off work, and all healthcare personnel including our physicians, nurses, and patient consultants started working in shifts.

Social distance and disinfection criteria were also met in transportation and food services.

The food menus have been reviewed and vitamin bars have been added in order to strengthen staff immunity.

Our patient information meetings and activities have been suspended.

Packages, cargo and flowers are not accepted from outside our hospitals.

Working From Home
In addition to the shift work order, related employees based on their works have been switched from work to home and required to come to the workplace at any time needed.

Valet Services
Hospital valet parking service is temporarily suspended. Valet attendants will be available to direct traffic and assist to park.

Support Services
Laundry cleaning frequency has been increased and disinfection has been provided.

The points to be considered regarding the patient safety were repeated with the special trainings given to the personnel working in cleaning and food services.  At the same time, personal protective equipments were provided.

Dear Guests,
In the coming days, we will continue to take all necessary measures and actions by closely following the developments regarding the epidemic.

We will get through these hard times together.

With health and hope...

Bayındır Hastanesi

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