1. Our Qualitity Policy

 For our patients: 

• To accept every patient as an individual and make them feel special,

• Not to forget that knowledge acquisition is a natural right of patients and it is a factor that ease treatment,

• To create necessary system to offer quality service,

• To reach international standards at offered health care results and achieve this standard to be exceeded,

• Not to forget patients also need a comfortable care as well as health care,

• To evaluate and enhance patient satisfaction constantly,



For our employees:

• To work with a staff who can adapt themselves and open to change,

• To being together with people who are competent,

• To care about education and provide an opportunity for more education and research,

• To respect our employees’ ideas and benefit from their suggestions,

• To evaluate their pleasure and make it better constantly,

• To conform codes of conduct,

• To practice evidence-based medicine that science requires,

• To keep a close watch on International health standards and perform them,

• To reach a construction which gives education and the dynamism that it will create,

• To spread our service by opening new health institution at many places with proper foresight in the direction of health service requirement of society,

• To be engaged in preventive and protective activities for society’s health,

• To carry out technology and data transfer without losing time,

• To use medicine technology active and productive,

• To be an institution which spreads and shares up to date information,

• To organize activities that will help our publicity,

• To maintain activities that won a seat in society’s memory such as medicine awards and scholarships by increasing,

• To question and enhance the system we built constantly.




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